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2016 strawberries

First big bittersweet garden moment of the summer: today we consumed the last of the strawberries that were still in the fridge. Like most things you grow in the garden, you are inundated for a few weeks and have to figure … Continue reading

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We planted kind of a lot of garlic in the fall, mostly hard-neck, but also a couple rows of soft-neck. It’s pretty easy. You just plant individual cloves. We usually save some bulbs from the previous year to plant. The two rows … Continue reading

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2015 strawberries

I’ve been thinking I should start a new category called Farmers’ Almanac since most of these posts are personal record keeping in nature. It’s interesting to compare weather, dates when we harvested different things, and other notes from year to … Continue reading

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We extracted our first appreciable amount of honey from hive #1. Steve recently got more bees to start #2 and will possibly split #1 to start #3. There were 6 full frames ready which was about 1.5 gallons of honey. We’re … Continue reading

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around here

There’s a bunch of blooming, buzzing, & birdwatching going on around here.  

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white chicken chili

Here is the recipe for White Chicken Chili that I made for the Watermark 2015 Soup & Chili Cook Off. I started with this recipe from The Pioneer Woman: I’ve made it that way before, but have since simplified it … Continue reading

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pretzel rolls

About two years ago I ordered mini ham & swiss cheese sandwiches on pretzel rolls at a restaurant. I’ve been hooked on pretzel rolls ever since. I’ve bought a couple kinds from the store since and they are fast & … Continue reading

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outdoor bread baking

We’ve cooked lots of stuff out at the fire pit and on the grill with charcoal, but now the ol’ Weber kettle is becoming a makeshift wood fire oven. We’ve cooked pizza several times just on the grate, but Steve … Continue reading

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bread & wine

I was really excited when I found out several weeks ago on Shauna Niequist’s website that I could get an advance reader copy of her new book Bread & Wine. I had read her other books, Cold Tangerines and Bittersweet, … Continue reading

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random thoughts

Some random stuff from the last month or so: There are no acorns this year. There were tons last year. I am not sure if the unusual weather affected the oaks or if they just don’t produce them every year. … Continue reading

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