2015 strawberries

I’ve been thinking I should start a new category called Farmers’ Almanac since most of these posts are personal record keeping in nature. It’s interesting to compare weather, dates when we harvested different things, and other notes from year to year. Just like the month of May is asparagus time, June is all about strawberries and the plants have been good to us this year.


An early view of one end of the garden. The strawberries are in the middle of the photo as well as in the boxes and planter to the upper right.

may25b june2 june5 june8 june11

I didn’t always remember to snap a photo of what we picked each day and some are better quality than others, but I imagined a bell curve in my head as the quantity ramped up and peaked (a full 9×13 pan for about 3 days in a row) and now it’s on it’s way down. Maybe next year I will be more scientific and weigh the strawberries every day and then I can plot the data. 🙂

We had plenty to eat fresh, share with friends and neighbors, add to milkshakes, and freeze.

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