outdoor bread baking

We’ve cooked lots of stuff out at the fire pit and on the grill with charcoal, but now the ol’ Weber kettle is becoming a makeshift wood fire oven. We’ve cooked pizza several times just on the grate, but Steve wanted to try some unglazed clay tiles, aka super cheap pizza stone. First up on the tiles was bread (same basic artisan recipe I normally cook indoors on a pizza stone).

grilltiles bread_dough first_attempt_breadNext time we’ll add the tiles later in the game so they don’t get so hot. The bottom of the bread got totally burned, but it was easily salvageable (just a thin crust sliced off). I forgot to check my watch, but the baking time was less than the usual 30 minutes.

Something tells me that this is going to evolve into a full blown brick/clay pizza & bread oven next. But where to put it?

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2 Responses to outdoor bread baking

  1. Cheri says:

    Looks awesome! You master the clay/brick pizza oven, work out the kinks then tell us how to make one! I’ve secretly wanted one for a long time! 🙂