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2016 strawberries

First big bittersweet garden moment of the summer: today we consumed the last of the strawberries that were still in the fridge. Like most things you grow in the garden, you are inundated for a few weeks and have to figure … Continue reading

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We planted kind of a lot of garlic in the fall, mostly hard-neck, but also a couple rows of soft-neck. It’s pretty easy. You just plant individual cloves. We usually save some bulbs from the previous year to plant. The two rows … Continue reading

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around here

A few of my favorite photos from May & the first part of June around here.

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2015 strawberries

I’ve been thinking I should start a new category called Farmers’ Almanac since most of these posts are personal record keeping in nature. It’s interesting to compare weather, dates when we harvested different things, and other notes from year to … Continue reading

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around here

There’s a bunch of blooming, buzzing, & birdwatching going on around here.  

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2015 garden

The 2015 vintage of Steve’s Seven Pepper Salsa™ is officially underway (not counting the garlic that was planted in the fall). We have about 200 pepper plants started with the tomatoes soon to follow. Seed –> Plant –> Food = … Continue reading

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Sometime back in April or May, whenever the snow finally went away, Steve started the big project of the year, which was to clear a large area (70′ x 100′) next to the garden so we could plant fruit trees. … Continue reading

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I’ve been really excited about our strawberries this year, partially because that part of the garden has the least amount of weeds (due to last year’s newspaper and mulch layer), but mostly because the plants have just looked so promising … Continue reading

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There weren’t a lot of positives involved with having 3 out of 4 family members sweating out fevers and coughing up lungs (2 with what turned out to be pneumonia and 1 narrowly avoiding it), so it’s worth remembering these.

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strawberry planter

Shortly after we moved into our house, we realized that the pressure tank for our well system needed to be replaced. Steve wanted to hang on to the old tank and recycle/repurpose it into something else, like a planter. At … Continue reading

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