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I didn’t really like this song in the beginning, when she first chose it for this year’s¬†recital piece.¬†After hearing it countless times though, it grew on me. I could imagine a complete storm in my head, literal or figurative, from … Continue reading

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nothing to say

I’m thinking I need a new blog category called “songs stuck in my head” because it’s something that occurs often. This time the song is “Nothing to Say” by Andrew Peterson, which is about being left speechless in Arizona by … Continue reading

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the rabbit room

The Rabbit Room is an online place filled with some great writing and music, created by people I’d love to hang out with in real life someday. Going to the annual Hutchmoot gathering in Nashville is on the “bucket list” … Continue reading

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words that never grow old

As usual for a Monday (or any day really), I have a song stuck in my head from our Sunday church gathering. I’ve listened to it a few more times since.There’s a part near the end of the song that … Continue reading

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(Note: This has nothing do to with the forest and I haven’t posted about many concerts here for that reason, but this one makes the cut for me.) I’ve been looking forward to this show for months. Not only a … Continue reading

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add to the beauty*

We come with beautiful secrets We come with purposes written on our hearts, written on our souls We come to every new morning With possibilities only we can hold, that only we can holdRedemption comes in strange places, small spaces … Continue reading

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What’cha listenin’ to?

So I love music, but I am not a musician. I’m a really-really-wanna-be musician, wishing I would not have quit playing violin sometime around the 6th grade (just because I didn’t like the teacher) or wondering if I could still … Continue reading

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