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After record snow in November and record lack of snow in December, there’s been no shortage of white stuff so far this new year. It’s such a contrast to the colorful pics of the last post from October which I … Continue reading

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jan 7, 2014

I could tell from a look out the front window early this morning that it was warmer than yesterday because there were a bunch of birds out at the feeder. After shoveling off the deck stairs down to the trail, … Continue reading

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The time for raking (sometimes more like shoveling) leaves is quickly approaching. Hopefully it will stop raining so that they can dry out a bit. The leaves on the driveway everywhere made me think of a time shortly after we … Continue reading

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My favorite photo time is here once again.

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the flood

I thought the water was high a few days ago, but now the bridge is completely under as well as the lowest section of the trail. It’s been raining steadily for about a week (following all the snow melt) and … Continue reading

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early spring

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the little house in the big woods

Or more accurately, the little tent in the lost forest… Steve borrowed an outfitter’s tent from a friend and we set it up back in the woods a couple days ago. It’s fully equipped with a wood stove so it’s … Continue reading

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Two upgrades to the firepit area: Recently acquired by Steve, a free ginormous cable spool to be used as a table (possibly to be split into 2 tables with other legs/support): Semi-trained guard/watch dog to protect against intruders (or make … Continue reading

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lake effect

It started snowing Sunday and pretty much hasn’t stopped. Natalie said it feels like we’re in a snowglobe. These are some pics taken over the last few days (click an image to view larger).

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the letter s

Sunshine and a sprinkle of sparkly snow (everything looks a little prettier now, even the cardinals)

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