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All I can think of is: burn bright, burn fast. Hoping the brightness hangs around a bit longer.

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Sometime back in April or May, whenever the snow finally went away, Steve started the big project of the year, which was to clear a large area (70′ x 100′) next to the garden so we could plant fruit trees. … Continue reading

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a few fall photos

I haven’t taken as many pictures lately as I usually do, but at least a little fall photo therapy is a must for me (proof: here or here, among others). This is our fourth fall in the forest!

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tapping maples

We’re hoping to make some maple syrup this year for the first time and tapped the first 5 trees today since it was above freezing. We could have done more, but my lack of bucket washing motivation is the gate. … Continue reading

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(subtitle: how we spend a good chunk of our time 🙂 ) I posted this picture on Facebook the other day with the caption “lost forest workout facility” because stacking wood is my exercise and something that I usually do … Continue reading

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My favorite photo time is here once again.

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trees of the forest: american beech

The other night I was walking back to the house from the tent to fetch forgotten water bottles. It was around 8:15 pm, the walk lasting for the few perfect twilight moments where it’s not quite light and not quite dark. … Continue reading

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the letter s

Sunshine and a sprinkle of sparkly snow (everything looks a little prettier now, even the cardinals)

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It’s time for more fall photo therapy. I actually got lost in our “lost forest” yesterday. I should probably do that more often, especially since this will all be gone soon. I went out mid-morning when the sky was still … Continue reading

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2nd fall

This is our second fall in the forest. Without going back to look, I’m guessing I posted similar photos last year. I’m not sick of taking the same pics yet!

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