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around here

There’s a bunch of blooming, buzzing, & birdwatching going on around here.  

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jan 7, 2014

I could tell from a look out the front window early this morning that it was warmer than yesterday because there were a bunch of birds out at the feeder. After shoveling off the deck stairs down to the trail, … Continue reading

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the letter s

Sunshine and a sprinkle of sparkly snow (everything looks a little prettier now, even the cardinals)

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random thoughts

Some random stuff from the last month or so: There are no acorns this year. There were tons last year. I am not sure if the unusual weather affected the oaks or if they just don’t produce them every year. … Continue reading

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just some random pics

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a perfect problem

I can’t stop looking at this nest. I am in awe of the perfectly built, small cup-shaped nest. I wonder how a bird does this, how it knows how to do it. The eggs are beautiful, and all would be … Continue reading

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Just out the door…

…are glimpses to catch.

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