2016 strawberries

First big bittersweet garden moment of the summer: today we consumed the last of the strawberries that were still in the fridge. Like most things you grow in the garden, you are inundated for a few weeks and have to figure out what to do with it all before it goes bad. Before this and overlapping by a week or so, we also had our asparagus boom, but I’m not counting the “end of the asparagus moment” because I’m just not a huge asparagus fan.

I’m estimating that we got about 50 pounds of berries this year, definitely up from last year. I froze a bunch, made a few batches of jam, made popsicles and strawberry shortcake, gave some away, and of course ate a bunch right off the plant. Oh, and Steve made a trial batch of strawberry mead with the remaining honey we had left from last year.


I think this is the day we were out picking until almost dark, and I had already picked a bunch that morning.lots_of_berries

Teacher gifts:jamBest popsicles ever!popsicleWe’ll miss eating those fresh, sun-ripened berries for sure!

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