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2016 highlights

We’ve had this large white board occupying half of our dining room table for several weeks because it’s really heavy and I don’t know where to put it, though it would be nice to have it centrally located where it can … Continue reading

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2016 strawberries

First big bittersweet garden moment of the summer: today we consumed the last of the strawberries that were still in the fridge. Like most things you grow in the garden, you are inundated for a few weeks and have to figure … Continue reading

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We planted kind of a lot of garlic in the fall, mostly hard-neck, but also a couple rows of soft-neck. It’s pretty easy. You just plant individual cloves. We usually save some bulbs from the previous year to plant. The two rows … Continue reading

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I didn’t really like this song in the beginning, when she first chose it for this year’s recital piece. After hearing it countless times though, it grew on me. I could imagine a complete storm in my head, literal or figurative, from … Continue reading

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around here

A few of my favorite photos from May & the first part of June around here.

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chicken math

It’s been a little over a year since we got our first chickens. Since then it’s been a bit like a math story problem. It goes like this: A family started out with six chicks. Over the next few months, … Continue reading

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season’s greetings

“Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth, goodwill toward men.” Season’s Greetings to our friends and family! When I stand on our bridge and look out at our stream these days, it doesn’t look nearly as pretty … Continue reading

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the pen

In order to avoid another fox vs. chicken incident, the chickens had to lose some of their  freedom and are now relegated to the pen. We’d been planning to move their coop further away from the house anyway, but ended … Continue reading

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After our last honey extraction in August, Steve put some of the frames with empty honeycomb back out for the bees to clean up. They eat all the remaining honey until it is pretty much pristine. This comb was then scraped … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago a fox took another of our chickens. This time I actually saw the fox coming out of the woods in broad daylight, right at the edge of our driveway, on the tails of two chickens who … Continue reading

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