Adventures in basement remodeling – part 4

We managed to get the floor done just in time for our visitors last week. There is a small piece at the bottom of the stairs that we have to figure out as well as a small strip near the far wall where the last row ended up leaving a gap (we were supposed to end with a full plank width, but there’s a couple inches left to fill). We moved our futon down there (where we were planning for it to go anyway) and set up a couple cots for extra sleeping space for our guests.

basement_floor1basement_floor2basement_stoveWe still have some wiring to do, a ceiling to figure out what to do with (it had been previously finished with drywall, so there’s leftover glue and such on the exposed floor joists – we’re thinking drop ceiling, but there is some ductwork to work around), and lots of trim work (most likely rough sawn wood boards, ideally from our own forest).

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4 Responses to Adventures in basement remodeling – part 4

  1. Kirk says:

    Looks great! It looks similar to the flooring we put upstairs in our bedrooms (laminate?) —

    For your problem near the stairs? what I learned from watching youtube videos on install is to piece the full and partial together and then put in place. or the nuclear option — cut off the tongue? (although I didn’t have to use it — was close).

    • jen says:

      Thanks Kirk. Good tip. We’ll have to try it since we have the partial piece cut already.

  2. Cheri says:

    Looks awesome!