silver lake sand dunes

Last week we went with our MN friends to Silver Lake Sand Dunes, about an hour north of where we live. I’d been there once and wanted to go back. It was raining that morning, but we monitored the radar and timed it so that the rain would be ending when we got there, and it did! It turned out to be perfect because the cooler, overcast weather was great for being out on the dunes where you would normally roast on a hot, sunny day.

We took a Mac Wood’s Dune Ride and had a fun driver. We were unable to drive all the way to Lake Michigan because endangered piping plover babies were wandering about. The DNR sets up cages over the nests to protect them. Instead, we were able to stop at the top of the highest point and get out.

After the ride we drove to the Lake Michigan side and walked the beach to the Little Sable Point Lighthouse. Here are some of the pics from our trip:

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