Adventures in basement remodeling – part 3

The stove is on the hearth! The stove is on the hearth!

Wednesday night something momentous occurred: the 700 pound wood stove was moved  to the hearth. It was a good time to have good neighbors since much manpower was required. It still needs assembly of the other 2 legs, then the pallet can be dismantled/removed and other stuff assembled.woodstove woodstove1This means several things:

1. We deemed the “hearth from helldone good enough (still needs front trim obviously).

2. We can continue installing the flooring now that the stove is not sitting in the middle of the floor. Well, after cleaning up the floor first.

3. Installing the floor means that painting is done! 3 gallons of primer + almost 5 gallons of paint (2 coats) = 1 tired painter (me)

4. The fact that painting is done means that drywall finishing is done. Worst process ever. Yay, Steve!

5. The Hallelujah Chorus is ringing at our house, or at least in my head.

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