I’ve been wanting to make something out of some of the photos I’ve taken around here and I’ve always liked the idea of sending a postcard note instead of a regular folded card in an envelope, so I’ve been trying out different ways to make them myself. There are tons of places to order them online, but press printed cards are more expensive and are not as “on demand” as using a 4×6 print. I’ve tried a few options now for the back of the card and the one I think I like best is technically too thick and gets scuffed up going through the mail (USPS postcard rate max thickness = 0.016″). I have one more thing to try next.

I like using seasonal photos. Here are some of the ones I’ve made lately, mostly for thank you notes or birthdays:

butterfly_phloxbeachde_zwaan tulipspostcard1 postcard2

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