nothing to say

I’m thinking I need a new blog category called “songs stuck in my head” because it’s something that occurs often.

This time the song is “Nothing to Say” by Andrew Peterson, which is about being left speechless in Arizona by God’s creation. I know several people who visited a bunch of national parks out west this past summer and it makes me want to visit the Grand Canyon (though ironically, I would not be able to do so right now due to the sad state of our government).

It’s an older song and was his first official single I believe. I heard it this past Sunday night when he performed it with Gabe Scott (who he also originally recorded it with) during a stop of the In The Round Tour with Sara Groves and Bebo Norman.

intheroundtourI have listened to all of these musicians for pretty much their whole careers, starting about the time I finished college, with all of them being about my age. I love the honesty and personal stories told in each of their songs. They have worked and toured together in just about every combination, but I think they said this was the first time they were all touring together, which made it feel like a special family reunion, especially since this is Bebo’s last tour. They each brought one person to round out the band, and as a fan and avid liner notes reader, it was no surprise that they would bring their usual players: Sara’s husband/manager/drummer, Troy; producer/piano player, Ben Shive; and guitar/hammered dulcimer/dobro/other-instruments-I-can’t-identify player, Gabe Scott.

Since this was also a Compassion concert, I was torn between volunteering and buying a regular ticket so as to see the whole show, but ended up helping out with Compassion. I’m glad I did because I got to see most of the show anyway. Bebo did an amazing job telling Compassion’s story and I think 34 kids were sponsored. I’ve been to more Compassion events than I can count in the last 3 years, but I think this was the first time I heard it said from stage that it is not the government’s responsibility to care for the poor. Given all that is going on in our government right now, this was a somewhat risky statement to make and I greatly respect Bebo for speaking the truth.

Songs from all three artists were interwoven throughout the night and by the end I was left with “nothing to say.”

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