What’cha listenin’ to?

So I love music, but I am not a musician. I’m a really-really-wanna-be musician, wishing I would not have quit playing violin sometime around the 6th grade (just because I didn’t like the teacher) or wondering if I could still learn to play piano. Anyway, I if I am not listening to something and reading the liner notes word for word, I might be checking someone’s tour schedule, seeing who has a new album coming out soon, or getting free CDs from JQ99.

While doing the tour checking thing a couple months ago, I found out that Andrew Peterson would be playing not too far from here. He’s a folkish, storytelling sort of singer who was amazing live. It was a rare treat. I have listened to the songs of his latest CD, Counting Stars, countless times. Around the same time, I came across Under the Radar, a radio show “offering gourmet music,” where Andrew was going to be a guest host. They were also having a contest, giving away some Andrew Peterson stuff, which I entered on a whim and had pretty much completely forgotten about when I was notified of this.

Since I already had a copy of the CD and actually the first book (which is currently residing in an unknown box), I decided spontaneously while typing a facebook comment the other day that I would have my own little contest to give away my “old” CD since I will soon have a shiny, autographed version.

It is good timing, since I’d been meaning to unveil this blog sometime soon. What better way than with a contest?

Contest is now over. Thanks to the 3 commenters for playing!

So, of you’d like to have my previously played copy of Counting Stars by Andrew Peterson, just leave a comment answering the question: What’cha been listening to most lately? (as in, what would have the most plays on your music player of choice in the past few months?)

I’ll pick a winner in an as of yet undetermined manner (could be random, could be an answer I really like) at an undetermined time (probably within a few days). 😉

If I can find the book, maybe there will be 2 winners!




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3 Responses to What’cha listenin’ to?

  1. Mary Beth says:

    I think the song with the most plays is probably some Miley Cyrus or Jonas Brothers song that the kids adore. My current favorite is Hot Chelle Rae’s “Tonight Tonight” – very pop radio of me.

  2. Kar says:

    How awesome you are blogging! Will be fun to have another way to share life with you!

    As for what I am listening to? I still mostly listen to Roger (Clyne and the Peacemakers) esp when I am cruising in the car alone…but these next few days will be filled with a u2 refresher since the concert is just 6 days away. woot!

    I love your first few posts….awesome.

  3. Emily says:

    Hmm… I’ve been on a random kick. Going through my unrated songs in the seemingly never ending process of rating them all…

    But I’m really excited that there’s only a few months before the next addition to my Jason Gray collection! I have a very good feeling that his new cd will be coming with me into the delivery room in October. 🙂

    It’ll be fun to keep up with you via the blog. I hope to get one started again soon.