(Note: This has nothing do to with the forest and I haven’t posted about many concerts here for that reason, but this one makes the cut for me.)

I’ve been looking forward to this show for months. Not only a chance to volunteer for Compassion, but a chance to see someone whose music I have been listening to for about 13 years. For free. In my current hometown.

The tunes. The oldest CD is from 1999, though there was an earlier (independent?) one. The latest, Ocean, I only have digitally and there are a couple in between that I am missing.

A cool thing about volunteering is that I can wander around a bit. I feel like “I’m with the band.”

Gabe Scott plays with Bebo Norman a lot as well as many other musicians and can play just about everything. This night he played steel guitar, accordian, hammered dulcimer, keys, and a “plain” ol’ acoustic. I got to chat with him & get some directions while setting up the Compassion table.

Grand Haven Waterfront Stadium. Amazing place for a concert, smack dab in the middle of the boardwalk. I loved that it was packed out.

The hill across the channel was dressed up for Coast Guard Fest, normally the anchor is a cross.

 15 Compassion kids now have sponsors! I got to meet Bebo and Gabe! Perfect weather. Late night snacks with friends on the boardwalk. WOW!

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