Sunday night I had yet another chance to volunteer with Compassion International.

48 children were sponsored!

I couldn’t help but think of Hindia, who officially graduated recently so we have completed her sponsorship. A video was shown at the concert during the Compassion presentation where now grown children just like Hindia gave so much credit to their sponsors, sometimes to the point of saying that this one person not only changed their life, but saved their life.

Hindia is almost 21 years old. We were told that she is healthy and that she will be working in IT (information technology) now that she is done with school. I remember her writing that she bought a cell phone with one of our last gifts of money. It boggles my mind that those things would even be possible for someone growing up in a very poor part of Ethiopia.

I have also been tagging along with some Compassion bloggers this week on their trip to Tanzania. A couple of my favorite posts so far can be found here.

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