It has somehow been nearly a month since I took these photos. Words had even come to me then, but of course I failed to write them down at the time.

While out wandering one day (April 16th to be exact) I was looking closely at all the ferns, which the sun and rain have since transformed into a sight I can only describe as lush. And very green. (Note to self: take some “after” photos.)




I was amazed at what these unfurled fern fronds (say that 5 times fast!) looked like. It’s the spiral pattern seen so often in nature. I believe it is truly a case for the Creator.

Another thought that came to me that day was related to noticing details. Sometimes the details are all I see and I can miss the big picture. I will spot the typo and get so hung up on it that I fail to read the rest of the words. Or be so quick to point out a flaw, in someone or something, that I tear down instead of build up. I realize that seeing details can be a good thing too, and is often important, I just want to try to see things in a more positive light.

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