Sometime back in April or May, whenever the snow finally went away, Steve started the big project of the year, which was to clear a large area (70′ x 100′) next to the garden so we could plant fruit trees. Up until this point, we hadn’t cut any live trees since the 30′ x 100′ garden area had already been cleared by the previous owners. It was a ton of work, cutting and hauling many trees, but Steve gets the credit, having done like 99% of this himself. Many of the branches were chipped into mulch and several oaks of similar size were used as fence posts.

There are eight fruit trees planted, two varieties each of cherry, apple, peach, and pear. We will likely add a few more next year. There is still some cleaning up to do, but Steve just finished running the new electric fence wire the other day so it feels more “done.”

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