It’s time for more fall photo therapy. I actually got lost in our “lost forest” yesterday. I should probably do that more often, especially since this will all be gone soon. I went out mid-morning when the sky was still gray and the ground wet from the previous days of rain. By afternoon, the sun was shining with no clouds in sight, making me want to go back out and do it all again (but instead I went to look at flooring for the basement remodel –> back to reality).This tree made me really dizzy looking up, but I thought the spoke-like branches were cool.

This is where I was when I decided I was lost. I even felt a moment of panic, then scolded myself for not bringing a compass, the one in the house hanging on a cord by the door meant specifically for such a time as this. I hadn’t intended to leave the path and every day things look different in the forest.

I couldn’t help but have this song running though my head (a song AP wrote for one of his sons, one of my faves from his latest album and still fresh in my head from seeing it live a couple days before. Not my video by the way, but I wish I had recorded more of the concert instead of only snippets here and there):

And some more leaves for good measure! I obviously found my way back. 😉

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