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random thoughts

Some random stuff from the last month or so: There are no acorns this year. There were tons last year. I am not sure if the unusual weather affected the oaks or if they just don’t produce them every year. … Continue reading

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It’s time for more fall photo therapy. I actually got lost in our “lost forest” yesterday. I should probably do that more often, especially since this will all be gone soon. I went out mid-morning when the sky was still … Continue reading

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2nd fall

This is our second fall in the forest. Without going back to look, I’m guessing I posted similar photos last year. I’m not sick of taking the same pics yet!

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We didn’t spend much time at the fire pit in the forest this summer, opting instead for the little portable fire pit near the house, mostly because it was too hot at night for a big fire. But last night … Continue reading

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This morning, perfect timing, a reminder of how I want to live, both chasing and shining the Light. If you are filled with light, with no dark corners, then your whole life will be radiant, as though a floodlight were … Continue reading

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It has somehow been nearly a month since I took these photos. Words had even come to me then, but of course I failed to write them down at the time. While out wandering one day (April 16th to be … Continue reading

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