2 years

We’re in the process of remodeling our basement, basically gutting everything that was done by the previous owners and starting over. In Pioneer Woman fashion, I say “we’re” very loosely. Part of this involved tearing up carpet that was only a couple years old and in better condition than the stuff on the main level, so we figured we’d just relatively quickly get it re-installed rather than waste it and then move on with the rest of the basement. We didn’t want to get drywall dust all over the carpet and didn’t have any mouse-proof place to store it, so the basement work was held up until the carpet was done. The “relatively quickly” part ended up taking around 6 months because it took way more calls than it should have to find someone willing to call us back and schedule the job.

Finally, we got the carpet moved this week. And it only took the 2 guys less than an hour and a half!

Here’s our bedroom:I love the south facing windows and how the light comes in.

Here’s the front room we call the parlor because that’s what it was labeled on the floor plan of the house. It faces north and with the covered porch out the window it gets no light shining in. 🙁We also had the carpet replaced in our bedroom closet (which was a pain to clean out even though we haven’t been here that long). The empty rooms were nearly begging to be painted and I was tempted, but decided to wait on that until later, which hopefully won’t become never.

The nice part is having that new, clean, cushy carpet feeling. The not so nice part is moving stuff.

Note that Sadie found her chair:I’m still trying to reorganize everything, especially our closet. While it was empty, it was as good a time as any to fix a water stained area that resurfaced and was not disclosed when we bought the house. Sigh. (Using stain blocking primer in the winter when you can’t open the windows really stinks, by the way.) We still have no bedroom furniture other than our bed (I was using stacked moving boxes as a nightstand!) and I refuse to move the boxes back in, so I guess finding furniture is now on the list of things to do.

It was all very reminiscent of our big move, which was 2 years ago this week. Two. Years Already. We remembered having all our stuff piled up in the apartment we first landed in before this house and figured if we did it then we could do it again for a few days.

Postscript: I realize this probably falls into the #firstworldproblems category and that I am complaining a bit, but it’s what took up a big chunk of time this week (and stuff still isn’t all put back). Despite that, I truly am thankful to live where we do. 

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