With the change of seasons upon us once again, I am reminded of certain seasons of my life and of certain people and places whose paths have crossed with mine for only a season.

The length of a season may have been years or months, but the timing always perfect, not accidental. Then, circumstances change and people move on to new places, but hopefully not without leaving a mark, fulfilling their purpose for being in a certain place at a certain time.

I’m still trying to figure out what this season holds for me. I often feel stuck, like these leaves caught on a log while the water flows past. I don’t want the days to just pass me by and I am hopeful about who I may next cross paths with and where that may be.

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3 Responses to seasons

  1. Kar says:

    I am thankful for our “season” together while you were here in Roch…and look forward to more ‘seasonal’ fun together with our families in the future. Esp if it will involve fresh salsa and cheesecake and grilled pizzas. 😉

  2. Kar says:

    Definitely gotta make donuts! Greg told me this afternoon that Cole just said to him that he can’t wait for 4th of July next year and Greg said “why’s that?” and he said “cuz that’s when we’re going back to Steve and Jen’s again isn’t?” So I guess we’re coming to see you again sometime around the 4th of July! 😉