sadie’s 1st birthday

  Sadie had a birthday yesterday, July 12. (We actually got her in August, so that anniversary is coming up soon. Stay tuned for baby Sadie pics.)This was a highly anticipated day for the kids, Natalie especially. She had dictated long in advance everything that was to happen on this day: We were going to buy Sadie the dog ice cream she had seen many times at the store, then we were going to sing “Happy Birthday” to her, have a cake, and take her to the dog beach. The cake and beach didn’t happen, but somewhat against my better judgement, we did buy the doggie ice cream.

The kids also got ice cream, thanks to their free coupons from Sweet Temptations (gotta love summer reading programs at the library!). They chose the Birthday Cake flavor.

They relaxed with Sadie. We sang and Sadie ate her treat.  Video here: sadiebday (not the greatest, but a horsefly was biting my leg)

Then we attempted our first self/timer mode family photo with all “5” of us.             

Happy Birthday, Sadie! (For the record, this is how you rank: you got more airtime than either of the kids on their birthdays!)

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