A couple weeks ago, I saw a turtle sitting on the driveway as I was headed out. I didn’t have a camera in the car with me, but I got out to take a closer look and that was enough to get it to move off to the side so that it wouldn’t get run over. Steve also found a turtle last November (pics shown here). I’m now starting to wonder if it could have been the same one.

It looks to me like an Eastern Box Turtle, “uncommon to rare in southern and western Lower Peninsula,” according to the Michigan DNR website. Many of these turtles stay in the same 5 acre area for their entire lives which is several decades, sometimes up to 100 years.

The one pictured here seemed to have a front foot that was missing its claws, but I wasn’t thinking to look for that most recently.

Hopefully we’ll see one (it?) again and be able to tell if it is the same.

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