baby trees

In case you ever wondered what a baby walnut tree looks like…

It pained me to pull several of these from the garden, where presumably a squirrel had buried his treasures. I replanted a couple of the more intact ones in containers to see if they would live.

Baby oaks, too. We have several types of oaks, so I am not sure what kind these are. The darker acorn shells look different than the one below, which may be a Northern Red Oak.

The root broke off of this one, but I still thought it was neat. I remembered noticing in the fall how huge some of the acorns had been. I had a collection of maybe ten little trees. I felt like I was doing a science experiment.

They reminded me of this great book:

 Just don’t read it to your kids without having read it first or they may wonder what’s wrong with your eyes! 😉

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