in honor of spring

It’s felt like spring for most of the winter and like summer lately, but since it is now officially spring, here are some signs of the season (thumbnails are clickable):

The little purple flowers are Snow Glories that I planted in the fall, so it is exciting to see them up close since I had only seen a picture in the bulb catalog. Like the Snowdrops, they are known to be late winter/early spring bloomers. I realized after the fact that I planted them in a mostly shady location, so that could be why they are coming up later (the snowdrops were sticking out of the ground at the end of January and in bloom from the 3rd week in February until just a few days ago).

The nest is not new and I am surprised it’s still there after some of the major wind we’ve had, but it still reminds me of spring with all the birds milling about (the feeder out front is like the Grand Central of airports, nearly requiring an air traffic controller).

The plants we’ve started are growing like crazy in this hot weather, with many of them overdue to be transplanted into cups. We have several varieties of tomatoes & peppers, and may try to sell some. Steve’s thinking of putting some casters on a piece of plywood so we can roll these in and out of the barn (not ready to risk leaving them out in “the wild” overnight, even though it’s been plenty warm enough), and then he can start more seeds in the house if these are out of the way.

And the amaryllis was a Christmas present that we didn’t plant right away like we were supposed to, but it’s been fun to have some flowers indoors to watch too.

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