chicken update

Our chickens are a little over 10 weeks old now. They should start laying at anywhere from 18-24 weeks, so we are hoping for eggs sometime toward the middle to end of August.

They seem to be doing well and are checking out everything around the house. They are free range during the day so they pretty much go where they want. We let them out of their coop/run (A-frame style, closed in on top with ramp going down to open chicken wire enclosed area below) in the morning and they go back automatically in the evening and we shut the door when the are all in. They apparently like all the places we don’t necessarily want them to go (because they constantly poop everywhere), like the garage, deck, and front porch. They have found nice hiding spots under the deck and under plants when it’s raining or too hot. They come right up to the front door which is all glass and peek in, as well as the sliding door on the deck. They have even “knocked” on the door from the garage to the house. They are super curious and so hilarious to watch and listen to, especially when one is separated from the others.


This is from when we first moved them from the crate in the garage to their coop.


Inside top level of coop when we first put them out there. They were so small then compared to now. Now they just go up there to sleep at night.


Roosting in garage on saw horses which we’ve had out for many recent projects. (It was cold the night before so I had brought the flowers in.)


Snuggled on a deck stair. The dark one is asleep with her eyes closed.


Air conditioner wiring or roost bar?


Checking out the front porch (and corn hole boards).

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