Pure Michigan

I emailed a friend after the last beach post  and said that our state has “this big marketing thing called Pure Michigan and has these commericals I hear on the radio all the time about relaxing, discovering, being in wonder, sunrise/sunset coasts, etc….I feel like I am living in one of their ads.”

I’ve heard several of them on the radio and have been really drawn in. They are good reminders for me to chill out sometimes and make me proud of this state that I was born in, grew up in, and have now returned to after 14 years away. I haven’t seen any of the TV ads, but this one was posted by Pure Michigan on facebook today:

I found this radio ad from a couple years ago among the others on youtube:

Can you recognize the voice? I actually had to look it up and now that I know who it is, they sound a little different, but I still love them. I can testify that the “lake effect” is real!

Don’t be surprised if I post more of these in the future. Maybe they will even convince some people from another M state to visit us. 😉

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