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Adventures in basement remodeling – part 1

This could technically be part 2 if you count the carpet removal/reinstall ordeal, but I’ll keep it as part 1. The current status of the basement, a.k.a. what we’ve Steve’s been working on:   The demo is now 99.2% complete. The painted … Continue reading

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2 years

We’re in the process of remodeling our basement, basically gutting everything that was done by the previous owners and starting over. In Pioneer Woman fashion, I say “we’re” very loosely. Part of this involved tearing up carpet that was only … Continue reading

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bridge upgrade

This little bridge is the only way to get to the back 3/4 of our property (unless you want to get wet and muddy and stuck). It was in sad shape with most of the boards warped and barely attached. … Continue reading

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bringing the outside in

I have to preface this post by saying that I am not into house decorating. I love looking at pictures of cool houses, but I can never decide on anything for my own house. I feel like every decision is … Continue reading

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Woodstock Soapstone Co.

Once upon a time, I had a serious nightmare with a freight company shipping something big to me. It involved seeing it for the first time tipped over on the pallet, questioning the driver about it, being talked into just … Continue reading

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behind the scenes

How many takes does it take to make a Christmas card? Day 1: 14 takes, no good Day 2: 62 takes …really wanted dog in the picture (really,  really wanted whole family in a certain other location, but didn’t plan … Continue reading

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Blue Wave & Doubleday

Those are the 2 paint colors that were involved in last week’s Thanksgiving painting project. The kids had picked them out a couple months ago when we were at the local hardware store. Not only do they love looking at … Continue reading

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