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pretty peppers

So many colors,  so many pretty peppers. The kitchen has been taken over and the counter generally looks like this:

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salsa time

This might be the main reason why Steve likes to garden: Last night he chopped all this into the first batch of salsa for the season. Pico de gallo, more accurately, since this version is uncooked. (Our kitchen will be … Continue reading

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Considering we live in the land of blueberries, we had to go pick some. We didn’t pick any last summer for some reason, so this was our first time ever. (We actually have 5 blueberry bushes that were planted by the … Continue reading

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chocolate crackled goodness

I’m pretty sure these are my new favorite cookies. I’ve made them twice now after finding the recipe attached to a Crisco product. Steve said doesn’t care for them and still prefers “old reliable” chocolate chip. Oh well, more for … Continue reading

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near-end-of-February randomness

Snowdrops – 2/23/12 – now buried in snow a day later.       Squirrel tracks –  2/21/12 – seriously cute little “hand” prints.       Homemade orange sherbet – 2/20/12 – last scoop. caleshoot  – 2/19/12 – 7 … Continue reading

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a breakfast lesson

Pretty much every Saturday for as long as I can remember I have made pancakes (or occasionally waffles) for breakfast. Natalie loves them and basically could eat them every day. Usually there are enough pancakes left over to last a … Continue reading

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Apparently I took a bunch of photos on 10-28-11. I realize this was only 3 days ago and I remember these specific moments, but I don’t remember them being all on the same day. I think I am in some … Continue reading

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I first saw the term randomography used by Ryan Detzel, and it is so much better than saying “Here are some random photos from a recent camera download.” Also known to me as “easy blog entry for me to post … Continue reading

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