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near-end-of-February randomness

Snowdrops – 2/23/12 – now buried in snow a day later.       Squirrel tracks –  2/21/12 – seriously cute little “hand” prints.       Homemade orange sherbet – 2/20/12 – last scoop. caleshoot  – 2/19/12 – 7 … Continue reading

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the year in review

The last year is almost a blur for me. I feel like I’m in a time warp where yesterday and 365 days ago are one in the same.  I realize that I have to look back through photos to remember … Continue reading

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Guessing game – Updated

The photos below were taken across the street from the end of our driveway, near the mailboxes, on part of a  50-acre chunk of woods owned by the county. First the sign went up a couple months ago. Then, the … Continue reading

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Apparently I took a bunch of photos on 10-28-11. I realize this was only 3 days ago and I remember these specific moments, but I don’t remember them being all on the same day. I think I am in some … Continue reading

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I first saw the term randomography used by Ryan Detzel, and it is so much better than saying “Here are some random photos from a recent camera download.” Also known to me as “easy blog entry for me to post … Continue reading

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